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Mobile Homes

Mobile Home Furnace Safety and Inspection Service

Clean or change furnace filters. Replace disposable filters. Wash permanent filters.

Check the exhaust vent from the furnace. Clear obstructions such as leaves or animal nests from the vent pipe.

Inspect the blower motor. Clean accumulated dirt. Oil the motor. Inspect the V-belt and pulleys for wear.

Check air intake. Most mobile home furnaces draw combustion air from beneath the home, we check to make sure air is moving freely.

Check the thermostat on your furnace is in good working condition.

Check the flue assembly for alignment and rigidity. The flue should run in a straight line from the top of the furnace through the ceiling.

We make sure the flue is attached to the furnace collar. Check for loose wiring near the flue.

Keep the flue pipe free of excessive deposits of carbon. Check and clean the flue pipe, fuel lines, safety controls and burner.

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